Perspective | Women’s group fitness classes provide something essential, even during the pandemic – The Washington Post

During the 1990s, the high-impact bouncing and pounding of aerobics began to burn out, but another type of group class became a hit: yoga. Women felt beleaguered and exhausted during a decade that relished in publicly shaming and abusing women — from Hillary Clinton to Monica Lewinsky in the White House to Anita Hill on Capitol Hill to Tonya Harding in the rink to those conniving beauties on TV series like “Melrose Place.” Women may have wielded more social power than ever before, but their growing parity came at a cost, as they still “operated within power structures — entertainment, business, academia, sports — that older men controlled,” as historian Anne M. Blaschke has observed. This reality forced many women to navigate indignities and worse in their pursuit of full and meaningful lives. And yoga was a salve, promising women both soul-deep rejuvenation and the lithe, limber body to which they were expected to strive.

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