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Jacquie Zona is on a mission to share her love of fitness with the community.

Whether it’s through kickboxing, Barre, Pilates, or other group fitness classes, Jacquie’s goal is to provide workouts for everyone—the moms, the dads, the kids, those who have been working out their entire lives, and those who are new and maybe a little intimidated.

“I love the way exercise makes me feel and I want to inspire others to love it as well” she said. “I believe that there is a form of exercise for each person. Once you help them find what they love, it becomes easy to exercise.”

Jacquie, a certified group fitness instructor and trainer and swimming coach, lives in Marion Township with her husband, Derek; her son, Nolan; and her daughter, Elisabetta. She has been an instructor at Air Physical Therapy and Fitness for 5 years and loves her Air family but wanted to also branch out a bit on her own when COVID hit.

“Over lockdown, when everything was closed I began Jacquie’s Ultimate Sports and Training,” she said. “I began by offering training and classes via Zoom and Google Duo and sharing free workouts on my YouTube Channel so that people could move and stay in shape despite lockdown. I know that it was so difficult for everyone and my hope was still being able to connect with one another, even though online, and sweat together, we could make a bad time a little more bearable.”

Jacquie’s latest adventure in fitness has been kickboxing. She ended up loving it so much she decided to offer classes. Her first class filled up quickly, so she added another on September 20.

I began doing Kickboxing Fitness classes with my friend, David Patxot, of Spartan Krav Maga in New Castle,” she said. “He is the reason I am teaching kickboxing.”

Jacquie said her friend Shawna Dorwarth, owns Diamond Dance Studio in Ellwood. Dorwarth wanted to offer something different to the community and so the two decided to offer kickboxing at her gym.

Jacquie believes she was meant to be a fitness instructor.

“There is no better feeling than helping someone feel amazing, become more confident, and feel comfortable in their own skin,” she said.

She invites people of all fitness levels, all shapes and sizes to join her classes.

“Some people talk themselves out of experiencing a workout because they are nervous or feel as though they are too out of shape to begin,” she said. “My goal is to show people that my classes are for EVERYBODY! The most difficult thing is getting started, and I try to make it as much fun as possible. We are all working hard, we are all sweating, there is no reason we can’t laugh and enjoy ourselves while doing so.”

She is motivated to continue by the feedback of her students.

One of the ladies that attends her Barre/Pilates/Fusion Class at Air has struggled with shoulder issues. She told Jacquie that coming to class has made it possible for her to reach up to do her hair in the morning and she said she does not spend her days in pain when she regularly comes to class.

“It doesn’t sound like much, but to her it’s lifechanging,” Jacquie said. “And to me it is a really big deal.”

And one message received from a friend really stays with Jacquie.

“She messaged me after class one day and said ‘Thank you for helping me to love myself again.’ “ Jacquie said. “Her message actually made me tear up a little. We are always our own worst critic and to have someone be happy with who they are because of my classes brings me more joy than I can ever express.”

Want to meet Jacquie and try her classes?

Kickboxing classes are inside Diamond Dance Studio, 310 First Street, Ellwood City and they are every Wednesday at 8pm, Thursday at 10am, and Friday at 7pm. All of the classes through Jacquie’s Ultimate Sports and Training are $12/session or 6 sessions for $60 (they do not expire so you can use them when they fit in your schedule).

Air Physical Therapy and Fitness is located at 1807 Mercer Street, Ellwood City, where Jacquie teaches Barre/Yoga/Pilates Fusion, Tuesdays at 9am, and beginning Sept 9th, Lunchtime Full Body Cardio and Strength at noon on Thursdays. Air Physical Therapy and Fitness classes are free for members. Non-members can join a class for $8.

She has some special classes in the works as well.

“I plan on doing some themed classes including a Halloween class where we can dress up and a Holiday Class and I am toying with the idea of a Valentine’s Day Couples class,” she said. “I just love that we can be creative. So keep your eyes peeled for those.”

To view Jacquie’s YouTube channel, click here.

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