Fitness App Offers Workouts for You and Your Dog – WFXB

The popular fitness app CardioCast is launching “Walk & Jog with Your Dog” guided workouts for both humans and their best furry friends.

There’s an app for just about everything.  Now there’s one to help you walk your dog.  On the fitness app CardioCast, users can now access 30 minute workouts to do with their canines.  A fitness coach designed it with his dog who also wears a fitness monitor.  It was created as a way to motivate us to move more and keep our pets healthy too.  It also lessens excuses for not having a workout buddy or that you can’t afford a Pelaton.   All you need is a leash and earbuds.  CardioCast is an audio fitness app that offers nearly 2,000 on-demand fitness classes, for everything from cycling and rowing to running, jogging, walking and yoga.

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